360°/3D software by Garden Gnome

Download and install the software and you are on your way!

It is that simple to use the Object2VR for 3-D and 360° presentations. Once licensed, there are no further costs to you and you do not require an external image server. Image hosting takes place via your own web server.

With the new full license Object2VR Studio it is possible to control the XY IMAGER device directly from your PC or MAC via USB. The new studio version has an integrated image processing and a variety of tools for a completely integrated processing. Additional software is thus superfluous.

Although the use of the software is kept very simple, it contains a multitude of setting-and output possibilities.The skin can be adapted and structured via its own skin editor. Beyond that embedding of hotspots in image-integrated links are possible. When the multi-resolution function is activated, images are divided into a multitude of individual elements. This facilitates a faster loading time for high resolution and greater image details. File output options include QuickTime™, Flash™ ; also available for mobile units in HTML5. Object2VR is ideal for small and large websites when 360° and 3D presentations are involved.