XY SPIN 1200i

The XY IMAGER „i“ series is additionally equipped with an own processor. Now these devices can be operated without XY CONTROL as well. You can either directly connect the touch-display, or control the new „i”-units via USB adapter using external software like „Object2VR” Studio“ by Garden Gnome Software.

XY SPIN 1200i is a turntable for central load up to 1200 kg. Mainly it is used as a fixed installation for big rotary plates. A very strong belt drive with ball bearing rotating assembly provides an enormous lifting capacity. The size of the plate is individually adaptable, the optional bearings were produced depending on plate size and customer request. In combination with XY CONTROL the synchronisation with XY BOOM and XY SPIN 50 is also possible.


» up to 1200 kg central load capacity

» for fixed installation

» big support plate in special sizes possible