XY SPIN 300i

The XY IMAGER „i“ series was additionally equipped with an own processer. This devices can now be operated without the control unit XY CONTROL as well. The control is effected either via the directly connected touch-display or via an USB adapter with external software like e.g. „Object 2vr Studio“ from Gardengnome Software.

Despite the independence, the combination with all other XY-IMAGER devices is preserved. Via XY-CONTROL the synchronisation with XY-BOOM and XY-SPIN 50/300 is possible.

XY SPIN 300 is XY IMAGER’s standard multifunctional rotating unit and supports weights of up to 300 kg at its center. As a turntable, it can support plates from 70 to 230 cm. An additional ball-bearing mounted ring gear provides even more stability and lifting capacity. Its movement is automatically synchronized with XY SPIN TOP 50. The cross laser can be connected directly to the rotating unit and centrally controlled by XY CONTROL. Four arms for the support of the photography plates are included in the scope of delivery. For the larger photography plates, it is recommended to use the optional roll runs XY FIRM.


» Supports weights of up to 300 kg at its center

» Photography plates are available in various sizes

» Can be used as a stand-alone or in the XY DESK

» Integrated carrying handles for easy handling

» Direct connection for cross laser