XY CONTROL is the central unit for the control and synchronization of all work steps. XY CONTROL works independently of any computers and controls the camera and all XY units without requiring any additional devices. This means that no adjustments to different operating systems are needed. Even beginners can easily understand the simple operation with the portable touch monitor. All cable connections are standardized and widely available in various lengths.

To operate, enter the number of photos for 360° and the pivots of the XY BOOM robotic boom for full 3D. XY CONTROL calculates the angles and controls the camera shutter and movements automatically. If animations of the photo subject are desired, the process can easily be interrupted, continued step by step, and then completed automatically. The recorded photo sequences of the XY SPIN rotating unit and pivot positions of the XY BOOM are displayed accurately. All movements needed to set up the photo subjects can be controlled manually and the photography program can be started from every angle. No zero positioning is required.


» Central control unit for all XY IMAGER devices

» Easy to operate with the touch monitor

» Computer-independent

» Portable display