Publishing platform for your 360° photography

Imajize is a fully hosted publishing platform
for your 3D/360° product photography.

It securely stores your images, puts them in a mobile-friendly 3D/360° viewer, and lets you manage/organize everything inside an ultra clean user interface. With automatic updates for life and no software to download, Imajize is a true maintenance-free platform for your eCommerce business or professional photography studio.

Imajize is intuitive enough for a total novice, yet it’s built for a pro. For example, the Imajize 3D/360º viewer comes with all of the advanced features a professional needs: HTML5 + JavaScript, multi-axis 360º view capability, high-resolution full-screen mode, extra views, fully adjustable rotation speed, and customizable spin controls. Your images are stored on servers that are distributed worldwide, so your 360º views load incredibly fast from any country in the world. And, its famously easy „copy & paste“ integration process makes Imajize the quickest and least complicated way to add a 360º view to a website.

Features/benefits for professional photographers:

  • Imajize’s simple copy & paste installation process dramatically reduces the time, expense and complexity of adding a 360º view to your client’s website. Spend more time taking pictures and spend no time installing software and writing code.
  • Use the professional 360º view management page for organizing your 360º views, inviting new clients (each gets their own personal login and password), and uploading new 360º views to your client’s account.
  • Your clients get a 30-day free trial to use the Imajize 3D/360º viewer on their eCommerce website. Pricing details:
  • Imajize’s 3D/360º viewer is free to use on your photography website.
  • Imajize is made by professional photographers, for professional photographers.

Features/benefits for companies with eCommerce web stores:

  • Rock-solid reliability with well over 99.99% uptime.
  • Up to 3x less costly and time-consuming to install a 360º view compared with traditional downloadable software.
  • Use the intuitive 360º view management page for organizing your 360º views and sharing them with your network of resellers.
  • Admin interface allows you to see how many hits your 360º views are getting.
  • 30-day free trial to use the 3D/360º viewer on your eCommerce website. Pricing details: